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The Transportation Program oversees all functions of the operation and maintenance of bus transportation. The Transportation coordinator is responsible to plan, direct, coordinate, and oversee all functions pertaining to the operation and maintenance of bus transportation in MFNSS schools. The primary concerns are safe, efficient, and economical transportation of students between home and school on a regular schedule and between other destinations within or outside First Nations. 

The Transportation Program aims to provide continuous support for the operation and maintenance of MFNSS school bus transportation. This year, the Transportation Program aimed to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Develop a schedule for school bus inspection and certification for all MFNSS schools 
  • Conduct school visits to ensure that pupil transportation policies are being followed and that students are being transported to and from school in a safe manner 
  • Provide specification for school bus replacement and recommend purchases 
  • Obtain certification for school bus drivers 
  • Install school bus security cameras 
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