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Manitoba First Nations School System (MFNSS)

MFNSS is a unique school system with 29 staff members who provide services to 400+ school staff and 2,400+ students in Participating First Nations (PFNs) schools. 

MFNSS provides a quality, holistic, and culturally relevant education for First Nations students by nurturing each child’s growth and encouraging their development as lifelong learners. MFNSS manages Nursery to Grade 12 education, the Private Home Placement Program (PHP), and tuition for high school students attending schools off-reserve. MFNSS also administers school transportation, facilities, and operations.

Established by the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC), MFNSS is a First Nations-designed and led school system, realizes a vision set in motion by our leadership almost 50 years ago.

The MFNSS team uses consultative and collaborative approaches to provide schools with support in directing and coordinating required services. The MFNSS team works diligently to support training and professional development activities for MFNSS school educators and support staff. 

The mission of MFNSS is to provide quality academics and inclusive learning environments that support health and well-being and culturally relevant teachings to produce successful lifelong learners. This determination and commitment to education will see the students soar to new heights. 

The MFNSS Transportation Program supports the maintenance and inspection of buses and ensures driver certification for safe student transportation. The MFNSS Operations and Maintenance Program provides facility upgrades, repairs, and renovations to bring the schools up to code and maintain safety standards. 

MFNSS also has the support of MFNERC’s Human Resources, Inclusive Education Services, Information Technology, and Finance Departments.

This is the sixth year of MFNSS, and the journey with PFNs has been inspiring. MFNSS looks forward to developing further and continuing to provide effective services.

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