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GSMS Scholastic Esports

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Scholastic Esports at MFNSS

🎮📚 George Saunders Memorial School in York Landing (Manitoba First Nations School System) is leading the way in integrating esports into education. Principal Sandra Lavallee's unwavering commitment recognizes the multifaceted educational value of esports, including teamwork, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and improved self-confidence and attendance rates. Beyond gaming, it's a pathway to valuable skills without leaving the community.

Thanks to their relentless pursuit of grants and funding opportunities, they've overcome obstacles that Northern Manitoba presents. They are about to establish a dedicated internet network within the school for esports, putting in 25 gaming laptops and opening opportunities to the larger community. The result? A fully immersive esports experience in one of the most isolated communities in Manitoba.

Recently, the Software Association of Canada conducted a case study on George Saunders Memorial School, interviewing staff and students to showcase the power of video games and digital game-based learning in the classroom. We are excited to see the final product of the case study. 

This is a remarkable example of how innovative education can empower students to excel in a rapidly evolving digital landscape despite the barriers they face. Stay tuned for the inspiring projects they have in store! 🌟 #EducationInnovation #Esports #DigitalLearningCalvin Chapman (Director of Edu) and Sandra Lavalee (Principal) at GSMS

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