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The MFNSS administers and manages elementary and secondary (K4-12) education programs, services, and funding for participating First Nations.

The K4-12 education programs and services include the following:

  • Instructional services (including tuition)
  • Student support services (including transportation, Private Home Placement supports)
  • Operation and maintenance of school facilities
  • Elementary and secondary education-related band employee benefits
  • First Nations Student Success Program
  • New Paths
  • High Cost Special Education Program

Additional Benefits:

  • Increased resources for First Nations language and culture programming
  • A full range of classroom resources
  • Specialized personnel including school psychologists, speech/language pathologists, audiologists, counselling services and programming facilitators
  • Greater flexibility in the way programs are delivered to ensure high standards that improve student outcomes
  • Technology support enabling students to achieve outcomes of the highest standards
  • Specialized programs such as Reading Recovery, music, art and facilitating traditionally based physical education
  • Opportunities for professional development, collaborating, networking, building capacity and sharing of materials


  • Ability to attract and retain staff, share resources, and provide students with access to a wide range of opportunities
  • First Nations exercise their jurisdiction over education by mandating MFNSS to manage their schools
  • Competitive salaries and benefits package
  • Larger overall budgets, greater financial and programming flexibility


  • Supporting First Nations leadership with capital projects such as school expansion and new schools
  • Enhancing capacity to meet school facility and education resource needs
  • Supporting First Nations schools to develop a safe, healthy , inclusive school infrastructure for accessible schools
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