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Instructional Services

Instructional Services provides direction and coordination of educational services to MFNSS schools by assessing the needs of the schools and providing support based on those identified needs. Instructional Services implements the educational goals and objectives of MFNSS by working with the school administrators and staff through the development of curriculum, instruction, and assessment strategies to strengthen student learning.

Instructional Services supports the schools to provide a quality, holistic, and culturally relevant education by nurturing each child’s growth and encouraging their development as lifelong learners. The foundation for MFNSS is to provide education that is based on First Nations languages, cultures, world views, and traditions.

MFNSS facilitators focus on supporting school staff, who in turn support students to achieve academic success. As the school system moves forward, and gets more established, we will continue to strive for culturally relevant programming and a true quality education for students and staff in a safe and healthy learning environment.

Facilitators and school staff focused on a variety of programs and initiatives to ensure that the following goals are achieved:

  • Develop a culturally responsive environment
  • Develop an inclusive and respectful learning community that is student-centered, responsive, and relevant
  • Create an environment that promotes safety, health, and well-being
  • Support student learning and engagement through improved instruction and assessment strategies

Instructional Services will continue to build partnerships and establish programs, policies, and processes that will strengthen classroom instruction and student learning.

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