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Healthy Kids Quest Contest

January 15, 2018


A healthy, balanced lifestyle is particularly important for children, since habits established in childhood often stay with us for life. Take on the Healthy Kids Quest to encourage and empower your students to make healthy lifestyle choices while meeting cross-curricular requirements for grades 1 to 3.

The program consists of 6 modules, each on a different theme. Each theme includes an introductory lesson plan, a theme-specific challenge, one or more follow-up activities and an information sheet for parents.

The Healthy Kids Quest:

  • aligns with Health and Physical Education curriculum as well as English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Social Studies
  • includes activities and challenges that are adaptable to your own class and setting;
  • is available in English and French; and
  • is FREE

The Healthy Kids Quest Photo Contest:

ENTER THE HEALTHY KIDS QUEST PHOTO CONTEST NOW for a chance to win one of many cash prizes for classroom supplies, including a Grand Prize of $3000. Learn more here.