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Cultural Days Tipi build

May 16, 2018

Elder Bannock Bakeoff!

April 13, 2018
As you can see there has been quite a few entries from the elders. We hope that we can do this again! ​
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Ice Fishing

March 16, 2018
The Landbased program has gotten to the nitty gritty of learning in the wild.  Ice Fishing, so long as the weather holds to cold temputures.The Students will have fun going on such expeditions. There is just so much that the students can learn from Mother  nature. Pictured: Wayne Nipinak (Landbase Instructor)...
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Spring Break

March 13, 2018
Spring Break is Upon us in a couple Weeks, what are your plans?
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Grade 6 Food Hamper Draw, Postponed!

March 12, 2018
The Scheduled Grade 6 Food Hamper draw has been postponed,  lack of Donations and participation. When rescheduled it will be posted! Please Contact Brian Smith at the School.

2018 Lake Manitoba School BookFair

February 26, 2018
The Bookfair was a fun time for alot of kids and adults alike.  Money was raised and how much of a success was it..Well you will just have to wait and see. ​

Science Fair

February 26, 2018
The Lake Manitoba First Nation School Science Fair was a complete Success!  The Entries were amazing and the thought put into the Experiments were evident and well thought out.  Winners Will be announced!

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Healthy Kids Quest Contest

January 15, 2018
A healthy, balanced lifestyle is particularly important for children, since habits established in childhood often stay with us for life. Take on the Healthy Kids Quest to encourage and empower your students to make healthy lifestyle choices while meeting cross-curricular requirements for grades 1 to 3. The program consists...