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New Registration Forms

March 12, 2018
​Each student is required to have these given back to you completed with a copy of their MHC Card attached. 
This is very important that EACH student has one to go in their cume file.
MFNSS registration form updated.doc

New Student Registration Forms

March 12, 2018
​We are re-registering each student in the Maplewood program and the MFNSS.  
Each student is required to have these forms completed and given back.
A copy will go into their cume. files also. 

Welcome to our School

February 27, 2018
“ Kiskenitamowin, Sakihiwewin, Minopimatisiwin ” “Knowledge, Love for all, Living the good life.” We believe that to achieve excellence, the George Saunders Memorial School community must help prepare our students to live mino pimatisiwin by becoming responsible and contributing members of a changing, challenging, and global society by deliberately practicing excellence....
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Healthy Kids Quest Contest

January 15, 2018
A healthy, balanced lifestyle is particularly important for children, since habits established in childhood often stay with us for life. Take on the Healthy Kids Quest to encourage and empower your students to make healthy lifestyle choices while meeting cross-curricular requirements for grades 1 to 3. The program consists...