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George Saunders Memorial School

George Saunders Memorial School is the 125+ student elementary, middle and high school of York Factory First Nation. It is located in the wonderful community of York Landing which is approximately 250 kilometers, as the goose flies, from York Factory and the communities traditional resource area and land.  Known to our people, the Muskego Ininiwak, as Kische Waskahigan the connection to York Factory and the Askiy (land & environment) remains crucial to our community identity.

Here is a quote from our communities recently (December 2016) published Lands Atlas

"We, the Ininewak, have lived on the land that is now northeast Manitoba for thousands of years - since the glaciers melted. In this time, we have developed an intimate relationship with the land. This relationship represents an unbroken cultural thread transmitted from our ancestors to current members of our community through our practices and teachings. To be Ininewak was, and still is, part of an ancient tradition that mastered, and specialized in, life with the most challenging enviroment. Our relationship with the land has supported our health and well-being since long before recorded history." (York Factory First Nation: Lands Atlas, page 1)

As a remote and land based community access fluctuates with the seasons.

During the summer there is a roughly 2 hour Ferry ride that connects to the Manitoba road system.

During the Winter there is a winter road cleared over the frozen muskeg, hills, lake and river to connect to the Manitoba road system and rail line.

During the freeze up and thaw there is fly in access only.

As a school and community we continue to grow from our past. We are actively promoting strategies to ensure our students become globaly competitive individuals while connecting with our shared heritage and language.

There is always more that could be said but connect with us here and get to know us. Relationship is important. Ekosi