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George Saunders Memorial School
Principal's Message

Kiskenitamowin, Sakihiwewin, Minopimatisiwin

“Knowledge, Love for all, Living the good life.”

We believe that to achieve excellence, the George Saunders Memorial School community must help prepare our students to live mino pimatisiwin by becoming responsible and contributing members of a changing, challenging, and global society by deliberately practicing excellence.

At George Saunders Memorial School, we are committed to develop a school culture where our words are consistently reinforced by actions. We desire to deliberately practice excellence by empowering students to obtain goals and utilize resources that will enable them to become lifelong learners. We want to do all of this while building on our community’s strengths and history. As we grow, the collaboration of parents, teachers, staff and community provides a caring, academically challenging, and technologically-advanced environment which needs to be balanced by discipline and fairness for the cultivation of diverse talents, skills, and interests for life.  It is our vision to achieve excellence by creating a well-rounded and challenging academic program that nurtures and expands the skills, talents, and interests of our students.