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Holiday Greetings from the Manitoba First Nations School System staff and management

December 17, 2019

Pictured: Roseau River Santa Parade with Principal Rylee Gilbert, Ginew School (Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation), Charles Fontaine (MFNSS) and Santa.

The Manitoba First Nations School System staff and management wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. At this time, we reflect on all that we have accomplished, while also looking forward to new goals and visions for 2020. With the holiday season underway, we all look forward to spending time with our families and communities in celebration.

As First Nations Peoples, observing this season varies with our differences in languages and cultures but the common tradition has always been to eat, gather, and visit together. Other activities, such as music and dance, outdoor games, and travelling from house to house, also made for a beautiful and memorable holiday season. 

Traditionally, storytelling by Elders and adults was and continues to be a great art practised at this time of year. Children and youth embrace these moments, listening intently as life lessons unfolded with fascinating and fun narratives. These stories remain in our hearts and minds, as they have been passed down in the oral tradition from generation to generation. 

Throughout this season, as we look to both the past and present ways of celebrating, we also hold onto our values of faith and compassion, generosity, care for others, and daily gratitude for what remains true and constant, following the wisdom of our Elders. 

May the joy of the holidays bring much love, hope, and laughter to you and your loved ones. 

Kinanaskomitin, Mahsi, Miigwech, and Phidámayaye do


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