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Private Home Placement Program
PHP Enrollment Application for House Parent.pdf
1/11/2018 11:51 PMShawn Goodluck
PHP Enrollment Application for student.pdf
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The Manitoba First Nations School System's (MFNSS) Private Home Placement (PHP) program is seeking caring individuals/families that have room in their home to welcome a student/s to board with them for the 2017-2018 school year. MFNSS is looking for individuals who will take an active role in the students' lives by encouraging him/her to attend school every day, ensuring that he/she does homework every day, encouraging him/her to get involved in school sports, activities and/or cultural programs.  

Houseparent(s) will be required to fill out a criminal record check as well as a child abuse registry check (cost will be reimbursed). House parents will receive a payment for room and board at the beginning of each month.

We are currently seeking caring individuals and/or families that live the Winnipeg, Portage la Prairie, Riverton and Thompson Manitoba regions.

If you are interested in becoming a PHP houseparent for MFNSS please contact Loretta Dorion, PHP Coordinator, or Misty Bear, PHP Counselor, or call 204-594-1290 for more information.  


In Manitoba, over 900 First Nations students must leave their communities annually to access to the grades or programs that they need to graduate with a high school diploma (AANDC, 2010-2011).

For those students, home placement options are sought in other communities with people willing to act as house parents and funding is provided through the federal PHP program accessed by individual First Nations. The Private Home Placement (PHP) programs provide financial, academic, and logistical assistance to First Nation students towards the completion of high school.  

The PHP program is established to provide First Nation students with educational opportunities they would not otherwise have.

The Private Home Placement (PHP) program remains the main option for First Nations students in Manitoba who do not have access to a secondary education in their community; who have a secondary school which does not offer the program of study or courses they require for their field of study; and in some cases as a response to the “school of choice” legislation.